Guestbook (reviews)

At our first meeting with Guilaine Depis to ask her to help us promote the « Salon Culture and Math Games », it was feared that it is already seen in the column Miscellaneous Facts: « a young press officer carried away in full Paris by a casting of prime numbers « . We therefore taught him the show: 4 days of fun and sharing for 20,000 visitors, 5,000 students and their teachers, 70 animation stands, games, manipulations, conferences-meetings with the public, researchers who allow everyone to approach the inventions of the future, but also poetry, sculpture, music and painting, shows, clowns, spaces to understand, play, discover and be passionate, whatever his age, his culture, his nationality. A kind of Tower of Babel of mathematics within the reach of everyone. In short, a real communication challenge in this country where each event must correspond to only one drawer. But Guilaine is a woman of all daring. The first moment of surprise passed, she plunged valiantly into the battle of her first salon and, having lived these atypical and generous moments, was involved with talent alongside the volunteers in the content of the following shows. His participation, in addition to his profession perfectly mastered, was an intellectual openness that stuck to us to make the show a gateway between ages, cultures, knowledge and expectations. Thanks to her, excellent speakers from very different backgrounds captivated us by raising stones to find mathematics that bear on the past and guarantee the future of humanity. So thank you Guilaine and long live your work. Ps: a thought for your collaborator Jasmine, the most erudite cat in Paris.
For the International Math Games Committee : Marie José Pestel (President) and Patrick Arrivetz (Communication Manager)


When I met Guilaine a year ago to ask her to become the Press Agent of the new publishing company “Une heure en été”, she didn’t accept right away: she wanted to read the book and be sure of its quality first. I liked this way of thinking and her enthusiasm: I wouldn’t have been able to work with a press agent indifferent to the book. Her task was far from easy: we were launching a new publishing company, a new author, a new book. Not only did Guilaine obtain several press and radio articles, but she also helped in organizing a launch event and put me in touch with several columnists and literary journalists. Her commitment goes beyond what a traditional press agent offers, she encourages, guides, advises. She is very professional, and her support is precious. I will continue to ask for her services in the future. Aurélia Gantier, publisher and author


When Guilaine Depis accepted to represent my science fiction novel for teenagers, “L’envol de Lena”, I knew how difficult the task was. She attacked the problem head-on and succeeded beyond my expectations obtaining, apart from reviews in specialty media, an entire page in “Le Parisien” (first French newspaper) and a TV appearance in “TF1’s” newscast (first French TV channel).  She attains amazing results because she puts her whole intelligence and creativity at the service of her authors. Guilaine not only mobilized her important journalist network, for my book she came up with a genuine marketing plan which included it in the current events. She encouraged me to reach out to the teenagers, to meet them in their French classes. This really touched me and profoundly changed my relationship with these readers from all walks of life, from all origins, and with whom I have passionate exchanges. Guilaine Depis is the magician who creates these unlikely encounters and extracts the substance that nourishes the journalists. Eric Jeux, author (teenage literature)


Guilaine Depis has many qualities which makes her a charming person and, mainly, a PERFECT press agent. She is open-minded, brilliant, upfront, extremely dynamic and proactive. I was so satisfied with her services that I offered her another contract less than a year after we first met. During my career I’ve dealt with many press agents. In books, Guilaine Depis is the best. Marie Desjardins, author (novels)


For the past fifty years I’ve published more than forty books with the most important publishing companies, and I have to say that I found one of the best press agents in Guilaine Depis. First, she privileged a solid network of critics and journalists who trust her, and this is crucial. Trust her judgement, her choices, her determination to defend what seems important to her. They listen, and this is rare. Then, she lives her era with an acute sense of communication transformation: she knows that today the review on a digital broadcast benefits from more space and allows a more perceptive, more subtle and detailed literary analysis, and thus more effective than on other media platforms. Finally, she is pleasant and honest, quick and responsive, and these are not the least of qualities. For all this, from the top of the Balustrade, her business, we see the future. François Coupry, author (essays and novels)


I hired Guilaine Depis in June 2016 to promote my novel “Panégyrique de l’empire”. Since then I’ve renewed her contract without any interruption. She served as a literary coach, then introduced me to two genuine publishers whom accepted to publish my books (when I met Guilaine I was self-publishing), thus giving me a new recognition in the eyes of several top-notch journalists, whom I then met thanks to her. Guilaine Depis consecutively defended “Qu’est-ce que l’islam ? Les sites internet le dévoilent.”, “Thanatos et Eros”, “La Guerre de France” and “Juste avant ma mort”. Our collaboration will continue in June 2019 for “La partition, remède à l’islamisation ?”. I intend to entrust her with another novel by the end of 2019. The fact that I have renewed Guilaine’s contract every six months for the past three years without interruption proves that I totally trust her in her abilities and her efficiency. Guilaine is an excellent press agent that I truly recommend, without an inch of hesitation,. Christian de Moliner, author (essays and novels)


In 2017-2018 Guilaine Depis was the press agent for my short story collection entitled Oui et non, with the Valensin publishing house. She is an intelligent, generous and enthusiastic young woman, she is also full of energy. She knows how to adapt to each customer and each work she defends. She knew exactly how to aim for the press and the authors likely to love my work and talk about it. Despite the difficulty (short story collection, small publishing company, unknown author) we had several press articles the book wouldn’t have had without Guilaine Depis. This is a specific job (which, in my opinion, is not within the competence of the author), and I am happy I entrusted her with this work. Adriana Langer, author (short stories)


Creative, efficient and pugnacious, Guilaine Depis has, besides the qualities of a good press agent, the quality of knowing how to listen and hear the requests of the people she assists in the framework of her activities. In her various missions, when conveying her ideas to the media she thinks best, in addition to her skills, she uses great finesse and perception. During my last two exhibitions: “Au coeur des bleus camaïeux : Camille Claudel et lui en duo” and “Camille ailleurs”, she introduced me to top-notch figures at the world of art, as well as talented journalists who wrote beautiful texts on my work, illustrating them with pictures of my artwork, in full pages or front pages of big newspapers. Her business name: “Balustrade” is in architecture, the name given to a continuation of little columns which carry a tablet serving as a support. Isabelle Béné, sculptor and architect (


As an artist my eye was drawn towards this young woman in high spirits, bubbly, brilliantly organizing the author’s interviews during a signing session for the release of a crime novel which was set in the very exclusive world of art; a large smile, always highly active and constantly multiplying! I immediately thought of Guilaine Depis to assist me as a Press agent during the opening of a Chinese sculptor’s exhibition, very famous in China, Yiming Min, who asked me to be the administrator of his first exhibition in France, at the “Espace Cardin” in Paris.   This opening was a true success thanks to the efficient network Guilaine Depis was able to maintain even though being a young press agent on the Parisian scene. The promotional effects came out in great numbers, and Mr. Yiming Min was himself surprised of the gigantic work she was able to achieve in very little time. Subsequently I had the chance to recommend her to another Chinese artist painter, Guo Defu, for his first exhibition in France, and again, Guilaine Depis’ efficiency did not diminish! Her extensive culture, her intelligence, her technical know-how, her perfect media knowledge, her mastery of situations is perfectly obvious and can only generate interest for this young media professional. Saulterre, sculptor and artist administrator 


The publishing house “Editions de EHESS” (School for Higher Education in Social Sciences) has greatly appreciated Guilaine Depis’ dynamism, team spirit and professionalism who successfully worked to maintain and develop the existing approach and to provide her personality and her network with much generosity. During these nine months of collaboration she was able to promote more than thirty new works or issues of magazines, to the great satisfaction of the authors, ensure the release of a new collection, organize the successful presence of the “Editions” at the Paris book fair as well as during many events and debates. Guilaine Depis can lean on these highly positive results to succeed in her approaches and professional path to come. She has adapted to a specific publishing environment in no time. We are confident she will also give great satisfaction if another editorial style is asked of her. Her adaptability is remarkable. Christophe Prochasson, Director of the publishing house “Editions de l’EHESS” (School for Higher Education in Social Sciences)


About the permanent contract experience during 4 years at the publishing house “Editions des Femmes”- Antoinette Fouque:

Transcribed Passage of Antoinette Fouque’s show Citoyen d’honneur” on the Parliamentary Chanel

(First broadcasting on 31st March 2009 at 8:30 AM)

Nathalie Cuman, journalist: How do you look upon these children, most of the time coming from new family constellations?

Antoinette Fouque : (…) So, what do you want, I love these young girls, I find them always magnificent… Look at my press agent also, she’s a young woman, very performant, very beautiful and very proactive…

– it’s a funny term…

 – yes, but precisely, she’s performant but without any violence, without battle, simply because she’s passionate of what she does…

– Laugh

 – why are you laughing ?

– In your mouth it makes me laugh

 – Why?

– I don’t know

 – But performance can be poetic, political or athletic

– In today’s society it’s a strangely connotated word, which, in reality, is evidently not very positive

 – “Nice girl” if you want, I don’t know: “Nice girls” who make something with their lives.