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Guilaine Depis, French press agent, Balustrade PR’s interview for the Web TV « Racine solaire » (a Web TV with only French famous people)


Translation of an article about Guilaine Depis which was written by a French Women’Leaders Club called Femmes 3000 and published here :

Born on Christmas Eve of 1979 in Périgueux, Guilaine Depis fulfilled her dream to live in Paris, the city she has always been in love with. Her 19/20 grade at the Literary Baccalaureate is a sign of fate. She’s captivated by her studies at the faculty of political science, Sciences-Po, in Toulouse (1997-2001) which gives her the possibility to accomplish an internship at the French Embassy in Japan and another at the General French Consulate in Sydney. After a stay at Langues’O in Japanese at the National Institute of Oriental Languages, she validated a master’s degree in “Political Administration” at the Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne faculty. It’s during her job as a parliamentary assistant at the Senate in 2005-2006 that she becomes aware of her difference. Caught by the literary environment which she feels much closer to, she hones her skills as a press agent with the rigorous Antoinette Fouque at the publishing house “Editions des Femmes” from 2007 to 2010, where she learns a great deal in a beautiful and stimulating environment.
In 2009 it’s during this professional experience in a women’s environment that she discovers the “Femmes 3000” association. In fact, Christine Spengler, the photographer whom she is in charge of highlighting the book, tells her she is the guest of the “Mardis du Flore” (Tuesdays at the Flore, a famous Parisian Cafe) of the “Femmes 3000” association. Following this first evening of 3rd March 2009 which she attends with pleasure, Guilaine Depis will suggest other authors she then represents as guests, such as Christine Orban and Gisèle Halimi , they will immediately be accepted.
Guilaine Depis is seduced straightaway by “Femmes 3000”, where she’s around proactive women with a “constructive” spirit, women who aren’t in the resentment or at war with men. This association is, above all, wonderfully led by Line Pierné, the President, with whom a strong and discrete friendship builds up. Guilaine Depis feels a spontaneous deep affection for Line Pierné and the feeling is mutual. Their sensitivity and their cheerfulness stimulate and respond to each other. Something powerful and authentic which Guilaine Depis fully understands the value of when she finds herself unemployed in 2010. Line Pierné takes her under her wing and recommends her for jobs, she worries about her feelings and regularly calls her to see how she is doing. When you go through an ordeal such as unemployment, a phone call doesn’t seem much, but it can be huge and important. Even more coming from the President herself leading such an amazing association as “Femmes 3000”. Guilaine Depis is overwhelmed by so much attention and generosity coming from Line Pierné, she imagines her as a radiant sun from whom she can draw energy to bounce back and she will keep this image of her forever.
In 2010, Guilaine Depis starts interviewing important figures she admires such as Raphaël Enthoven, Sylvain Tesson, Xavier Darcos, Christine Clerc, etc, for the “Le Magazine des livres” (The Books Magazine). It’s because of the quality of her interviews published in the written press that in 2018 she will be noticed by the TV channel ArtLive who gives her the opportunity to have her own literary show. Amélie Nothomb, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, Blanche de Richemont, Catherine Lopes-Curval will be among the first ones invited to participate. She’s fond of all frameworks of expression in which she can introduce books and talk with the authors.
It’s after her fixed-term contract as a substitute in communications for the prestigious School for Higher Education in Social Sciences (EHESS) in 2011-2012 that she decides to create her own business Balustrade ( She is today a great example of a successful entrepreneur, whom fully flourishes being self-employed, with the freedom to select her customers. Her current policy is to diversify the fields in which she carries out press relations, each year being less confined strictly to the literary environment. With a great appetite for encounters and knowledge she is enthusiastic whenever an unusual customer has the audacity to reach out to her! Everyone may need visibility, thus climb on her balustrade!
Guilaine Depis named her business “Balustrade” because it’s the allegory she makes of her job as a press agent: you can lean on her in total confidence, she listens, advises, supports and protects from the outer world, prevents falls, enhances and allows to aim higher. She assists you with style and introduces you with tact to her soundly-based network of journalists and important figures in addition to 14 years of professional experience in Saint-Germain des Prés, in Paris, France. Her customers are authors, publishers, artists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, also events such as the “Marché de la Poésie” (Poetry Market), the “Mathematical Games and Culture” fair, the International animal and nature film and photography festival. She is also entrusted with writing jobs: texts on works, forewords and even the writing of entire books. The core of her job and her talent is to build relationships, to mix different environments and coordinate them. Her greatest reward is that most of her customers rehire her year after year, constantly renewing the contracts or talking to their friends about her.
Guilaine Depis has been a true auditor of the Pataphysics College since 2009 and attends to several literary circles. She’s an opera passionate, she’s been a member of the AROP (association for the Paris Opera outreach) and the National Richard Wagner Circle since 2010. She goes to Bayreuth and the Met. She’s already travelled a lot and far: India, China, Israel, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Jordan, United-States. Fortunately, her favorite travel agency, “Voyages intérieurs”, based on spirituality, has recently become one of Balustrade’s customers.
She’s been practicing Body Pump and Body Attack for more than 20 years and also horseback riding at the Paris riding center “l’Etrier” since she crossed Mongolia twice on a horse. She collects gallinaceous poultry and shares her apartment in Saint-Germain des Prés with Jasmine Catou, Balustrade’s feline personal assistant.
Guilaine Depis’ Balustrade website: 

Guilaine Depis, press agent noticed by “Libération” (newspaper) and “Obs” (magazine), the 3000 Women’s Association, etc.

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