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Having a passion for interviews with writers, her job as a press officer has removed from Guilaine Depis any shyness regarding the attendance of the most famous of them. She feels extremely privileged to have often become a true friend of those who impress her most, like Amélie Nothomb. This is because beyond her extensive network, Guilaine Depis was well versed in conducting literary interviews that the television channel ArtLive gave her the opportunity to have her own program « Books in the Heart ».

Conceived in a spirit of gratitude for the books that have nourished / changed / built / amazed, Guilaine Depis shares with you her favorites. Totally free, ArtLive’s highly stylish literary program is at first intelligent, elegant and sensitive. It will be about discovering new talents such as honoring contemporary writers. To rise together with admiration and encounters. With warmth and grace, « Books in the heart » will guide you to the novels and essays that are intended for you. Give beauty and meaning to life.

Guilaine Depis warmly thanks the television channel ArtLive for allowing her to record these five shows with the guests of her choice in the best conditions.

She also wishes to personally thank Mr. Jean-François Leblanc de Hauteville, founder of ArtLive, who had the intelligence of the situation by agreeing in October 2018 to share the rights to broadcast these programs with Guilaine Depis, so that the public can watch them on the Balustrade website (the launch of ArtLive was delayed due to a serious internal conflict between shareholders that led to a change of people on the team and a total restructuring of the channel ….)

Three of the five programs « Books in the Heart » can be viewed in their entirety through the links below :

TV show with Amélie Nothomb and Stéphanie Hochet

TV show with Patrick Poivre d’Arvor

TV show with David Alliot and Catherine Lopes-Curval

TV show with Sylvie Monpoint and Romaric Sangars

TV show with Jean-Marc Bastière and Blanche de Richemont